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Ginko Biloba - EGb-761®: How does it improve brain function?

Ginko Biloba 50:1 Extract is a key ingredient in Ace Memory™. It has been shown in human clinical trials to improve cognition and memory.

A 50:1 Extract means that for every milligram (mg) of extract you are getting 50 times the amount of Ginko Biloba.

Ace Memory™ contains the exact amount of Ginko Biloba 50:1 Extract (240mg per day) that was proven to improve memory and focus in the clinical trials.

240mg of Ginko Biloba 50:1 Extract within each daily serving of Ace Memory™ is equivalent to 12,000mg of Ginko Biloba.

Ginko Biloba 50:1 Extract was shown to to improve symptoms of Alzheimer's in a groundbreaking clinical trial of 404 volunteers, over a 24 week period.

WARNING: Ginko Bilbo leaf or extract is not the same as Ginko Biloba 50:1 Extract. All clinical trials have been done with EGb-761® which is a 50:1 extract. EGb-761® is the only proven Ginko Bilobo extract. Unless a supplement shows EGb-761® or 50:1 extract on the label then it will only contain an unproven extract.

The data from 2 trials is shown below.

Study 1:

Study 2:

Study 3:

Study 4:
Study 5:

Ginko Biloba 50:1 Extract at the correct dosage is an important ingredient within Ace Memory™

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